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-Open 3D Body-
Open-Source and 3D-Printer: Redefining the Human Body

VISIONS of the future inventors in SXSW2016 (SXCreate)

Sunday, March 13 11:00AM – 12:00PM @ Palmer Events Center Room 1-2

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SXSW2016 Session
Open-source and 3D-printer : Redefining Human Body

Sunday, March 13 11:00AM – 12:00PM @ Palmer Events Center Room 1-2

Commercial bionic hands haven’t evolved much.
It costs more than 15,000 USD, and there are only limited variations of design because the market of such hands is small, while individual differences of users are large.
Exiii is trying to turn bionic hand into more a “casual” thing both in terms of price and design by using 3D-printer and open-source. HACKberry has been printed out and customized around the globe along with local communities. Coincidentally, other players from different countries have started to address this issue around the same time (e.g. Open Bionics, e-nable, Unlimited Tomorrow). How will these things redefine human body and change the medical service and business models?


Session Speaker

p_kondoGenta Kondo
(CEO of exiii)
Graduated from the University of Tokyo in 2011 with a master’s degree in engineering.
He studied at UC Berkeley from 2009 to 2010. During his study term, he engaged in research in the areas of brain-machine interfaces (BMI) and cybernetics. He joined Sony Corporation in 2011 and pursued the commercialization of robotics technology at the former Systems Technology Laboratory. Then he resigned his post in June of 2014. Founded exiii Co., Ltd together with two other design engineers from a major electronics manufacturer in October of 2014.
Genta Kondo is currently engaged in the development of ‘HACKberry’, a 3D-printable Open-source bionic hand. Exiii is significantly reducing the cost of bionic hands that previously cost over 15,000 USD, while adding a fresh new focus on great design. Their hands aspire to be regarded as ‘cool’ rather than ‘pity’, and are created based on the concept of being a casual and accessible choice for people.
Awards: James Dyson Award (2013), 2nd Place internationally; Gugen Contest (2013), Grand Prize; 18th Media Arts Festival, sponsored by Japanese Cultural Affairs, Excellence Award in the entertainment category; iF design Award (2015), Gold Prize; Good Design Award(2015), Gold Prize; Google Impact Challenge (2015), finalist
p_ivanIvan Owen
Ivan Owen is an innovator from Washington State, USA. As a multi-disciplinary, multi-media artist he has developed a wide range of unique knowledge and skills over the course of 21 years of creative exploration. Professionally he has knowledge and experience in the areas of manufacturing, industrial automation, medical clinic operations, rapid prototyping & education. From December of 2011 to January of 2013 Owen co-developed the world’s first 3D printable partial-hand prosthesis, which was released into the public domain in late January of 2013. Said device is the parent device of a series of derivatives, including 6 hands from the e-NABLE Open Source Prosthetics community, two of which Owen directly assisted in designing as part of a team of volunteers. He is a volunteer and designer/fabricator for the e-NABLE community. In February of 2014 he began working with the University of Washington Bothell and in March 2015 transitioned roles to the position of Makerspace Manager. While working at UWB, Owen has worked in concert with university faculty, staff and students to develop educational processes and physical spaces that foster innovation and creativity. He currently mentors teams of undergrad researchers and helps to plan, maintain and oversee the rapid prototyping capabilities of the university. In his private life, Ivan likes to pursue art forms including film, blacksmithing, costuming, music and creating insane gadgets. His greatest passion in life is the pursuit of ideas and their implications.

Shigeru Kobayashi
(PROFESSOR Institute Of Advanced Media Arts & Sciences)

PhD in Media Design. He worked for a digital musical instrument company as a sound designer and a software engineer. Now teaching interaction design and prototyping at Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences [IAMAS]. He designed Open Source Hardware such as Gainer and Arduino Fio (with SparkFun Electronics) and wrote books on physical computing and prototyping (published in Japanese, Korean and Formosan).

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